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Welcome to Espresso Palette Co.

Cafe' and Coffee Roasters in Chicago.  

We source freshly harvested Volcafe Way Coffee and hand-sort the beans upon delivery. Our artisan roast process highlights the unique qualities of each coffee from different regions. After roasting, we perform a secondary hand-sorting to remove any imperfections. Our coffee is then immediately bagged to preserve its aroma, flavor, and freshness. We sell our coffee both in-store and online, with fast shipping to ensure the freshest cleanest cup of coffee possible.

Come experience organic coffee at our Cafe.

What We Do:

We Import

Fresh Beans

Sell Fresh Brewed Coffee

Espresso Palette

Freshly Roasted on Site

Espresso Palette

Sell Beans to

take Home

Come enjoy Coffee, Cocktails & Art 

Organic Coffee

About Us

Discover the Essence of Espresso Palette Coffee Co.

As coffee roasters, we source green coffee beans from various countries including Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, and Sumatra. Our freshly roasted beans are available for purchase at our on-site cafe and online store. You can also buy our roasted coffee beans by the bag.  

We want everyone one to enjoy the delicious coffee experience. We offer Catering for any event.   

Our Subscriptions

Coffee Club's Starter Kit

Experience the richness of our handpicked coffee beans with our starter kit. Dive into the world of specialty coffee with our carefully curated selection.

Coffee Club's Roaster's Picks

Let our expert roasters surprise you with their monthly picks. Experience a new and unique flavor profile every month.

Coffee of the Month

Indulge in our coffee of the month and treat yourself to a delightful surprise. Each month brings a new and exciting coffee experience.

Crafting Unforgettable Coffee Experiences

At Espresso Palette Coffee Co., we are committed to sourcing the finest coffee beans and crafting exceptional blends. With each cup, we aim to elevate your coffee moments with quality and sustainability at heart.


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