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A continued search for the very best coffee and art...  Both go on a long, exciting journey that takes time, patience, and creativity before any recognition.  Art has a presence in our everyday lives, and the artists nearest to us, are the ones that will drive our narrative.  We are going to offer the coffee, and the artists are going to tell their story.  Like art, we use expression, creativity, and imagination on our search for the very best coffee...  a search that will always continue.   The art will always be adapting and changing; the coffee will do the same.  




Founded by an artist, we are proud to say art holds a special place in our hearts.  Espresso Palette is committed to helping artists showcase and share their work with the community.  Every artist has a unique story to tell and we want to help tell that story.  Our gallery is open during regular business hours and always filled with new art from talented local artists.

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Your Coffee

w/ an Artists Touch

Our goal is to find and roast the best coffee beans in the world; the ones that steal your heart and provide you with a truly unique and fulfilling cup!  Our offerings will always meet the highest quality and standards.  

Shop our unique coffee offerings in the link below! 

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